Amanda Valentina stands behind a vintage Cadillac. She's wearing a leopard print gown, dark sunglasses, and bright red lipstick. You can see black suspenders peeking out of the bottom of the gown.

Amanda Valentina – Fly Me To You Escort

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”

Anaïs Nin

Ladies, Gentlemen and Couples:

My name is Amanda Valentina. A multi-award-winning fly me to you (FMTY) escort, escort mentor and dinner date companion. I live and breathe life, adventure, conversation and connection. I am a mature woman with an insatiable sense of adventure and curiosity, and enjoy nothing more than becoming acquainted with like-minded individuals from all walks of life. 

Your age, ethnicity or religion is of no consequence. Respectful behaviour and common courtesy are of paramount importance to me. I value manners and integrity above all else and have zero tolerance for rude, inappropriate or unpalatable behaviour. Those possessing a zest for life; who have a thirst for knowledge; who seek to enhance their journey by exposing themselves to new people and environments are those I best connect with. I communicate articulately, honestly and authentically – and always keep it real.

I’m often told by people that they feel relaxed in my company, likening me to a long-lost lover or friend. I’m a multi-faceted, confident and engaging woman who encourages freedom of expression and uncensored exchanges. I am passionate, inquisitive and read the room effortlessly. I give 110% to my business and clients because I absolutely love my line of work. Quality takes precedence over quantity, therefore, my priority is to foster mutually respectful, professional relationships with a select number of clients only.

My body is best described as fit-feminine. I stand at 161cm with an athletic physique, yet am curvy in all the right places. My weekly exercise regime comprises bike rides, morning treadmill sessions, 10km adventure power-walks and more. Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle promotes well-being and wellness – the keystones to being the best possible version of myself, both physically and mentally, so my diet is a healthy pescatarian one. If you follow me on my Twitter or Instagram you would be familiar with my commitment to health, fitness and of course, home cooking and culinary adventures.

Spontaneity is the true spice of life so impromptu getaways are food for my soul. Having travelled extensively, I’ve mastered the art of making friends wherever I go and enjoy connecting through sharing life experience, conversation and engaging in thought provoking conversation. I savour all that life has to offer and relish arthouse films, gastronomy, festivals, galleries, fine dining, musicals, wineries, live-music performances and more. Our adventures together will never be a bore. We have one life, and it’s short – so let’s run off into the sunset and create memories we’ll never forget. 

Amanda Valentina

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