Amanda Valentina stands next to a red Cadillac. She's clothed in a leopard print gown. There is lush green vegetation surrounding her, and in the bottom left corner there is a red fin of a vintage Cadillac.

Gifts & Wishlist 

Above all else, Amanda is grateful for those humans who display kindness, respect and integrity, However, Amanda adores those who possess a generosity of spirit; who give freely, unselfishly and willingly. Amanda’s birthday month is October and she is a Libra. Should you wish to send Amanda an online gift card, you may send this directly to her email.

Gifts are never expected, though are most welcome and appreciated. Acts of generosity are not measured by monetary value or magnitude, but by consideration and thought. This is what matters most of all. Should you wish to surprise Amanda by purchasing an online e-card, or perhaps a gift to personally give Amanda when you meet, a few clicks on the following links may help when deciding how to spoil her.

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